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Welcome to - a better way to purchase fishing tackle from the online auction site - eBay. Auction Angler has been created to assist you in finding the items you're after, whether you're into Sea, Coarse, Game or Carp fishing. You will find a comprehensive category list, much larger than you'll find on eBay itself - hopefully you will find this much more useful. We've integrated common misspellings into our searches too, so you might find additional bargains that you would have otherwise missed. As well as the category pages, make sure you check out the 'Most Popular Items' pages where you will always find the hottest gear - there's a list in the menu on the Home page - very good if you're after a quick tackle fix.

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Update Log

06/06/10 - Updated Rod section in Carp category

02/07/09 - Fixed image issue on Home page

29/05/09 - Game category listings updated and improved

29/05/09 - Google listings added to Game category

27/05/09 - Updated Spinning Reels section in Game category

25/05/09 - Vertical Jigging section added to the Sea category

25/05/09 - Coarse category listings updated and improved

25/05/09 - Google listings added to Coarse category

17/05/09 - Updated Bivvy manufacturers in Carp category

15/05/09 - Set Update Log live

15/05/09 - Home page updates

14/05/09 - Carp category listings updated and improved

14/05/09 - Google listings added to Carp category

06/05/09 - Sea category listings updated and improved

06/05/09 - Google listings added to Sea category

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